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3D Ergonomic comfortable relaxer message system, with 4 massaging heads, with full vertical and horizontal movements, and even lateral with 5 speeds – 7 MASSAGES MODES (3D – Kneading – Tapping – Kneading
AIRBAGS-COMPRESSION system with 74 airbags along the full body and 3 intensity levels – GUASHA reflexological massage system on feet soles – Heater system which provides heat all over the by using infrared carbon fiber (40/50 ºC) – Auto switch-off with massage timer – 3D DIGITAL AUDIO: you can connect your smartphone/tablet by Bluetooth to listen to your favourite songs – Thanks to its elegant design, the NIRVANA recliner seat is ideal for the living room or any other bedrooms
The power electric sofa NIRVANA has an automatic reclining system, with independent backrest and footrest – “ZERO WALL” function: the massage chair need only 5 cms to place it against the wall – Reclining system to achieve the authentic “Zero Gravity”, the one that less pressure exerts on the spine and extremities – LCD Control Panel – Portable with rear wheels to relocate it – Main benefits are: relief of muscle fatigue; reduction of leg and foot pain; stressless level reduction;…
Height and back shape AUTO-DETECTION FUNCTION to improve the massage, or manual adjustment system of rollers (range 0-12 cms) – Massage on the most important touch points of ACUPUNTURE (neck, lower back…) – Stretching-Traction system on back, arms, waist, and legs to avoid body discomfort – Massage chair with negative Oxygen Generator Ionizer system, optimizing the air in our room, so it will help our body recovery – Magnetic Therapy with 10 magnets
BRITISH QUALITY: Sold by Global Relax UK – With 3-pin UK plug – NIRVANA leather massagers recliners arm chairs are covered with 2 YEARS Official Warranty – Optional: 5 YEARS PLUS WARRANTY Extension (2 3 Years) – NIRVANA relaxing chaise lounge machine has an User Manual in English – Product dimensions: 33.9 x 50.0 x 55.1 inches – Weight: 330.4 lbs. (Package 1 oversized dimensions: 30,7 x 33.1 x 72.4 inches / Package 2 dimensions: 26.0 x 12.6 x 41.3 inches)

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The technology of the Nirvana professional massage chair, is commented in specific fairs of the sector and by professionals, overcoming the tests of durability and resistance. It´s a model launched in 2018, categorized in high-end armchairs. Nirvana has a set of the mechanical hands technology and an ergonomic massage system 3D SHIATSU guided by four spheres able to reach any area of ​​the body, whose displacement in the form of “S” follows the shape of the column with its movements towards up and down, as well as forward and backward, making lateral movements with 5 speeds.In addition, it includes a very important novelty, with a silent design, it will allow you a complete relaxation of the body.

Forget about all your problems, practice daily sports and come to your home and enjoy a replenishing, relaxing and comforting massage. Continue doing what you like most. What is the main feature of the Nirvana massage chair? Its main feature is that it is equipped with a 3D massage system. This system emulates the massage applied by a professional therapist because the massage heads move not only in the vertical direction (2D systems), but also move forward and backward, resulting in a three-dimensional (3D) displacement. Main acupuncture points: The Nirvana relax chair, thanks to its new massage techniques aim to improve muscles, eliminate back pain and help solve health problems. The points treated by the Nirvana massage chair, by zones, are the following:

Back and neck. The points discussed are:
FENGCHI point: point located in one of the most painful areas for a large part of the population. Its objective area is the shoulder and neck. Relieves back pain and problems such as torticollis.
PISHU point: located in the middle area of ​​the back, provides benefits to the intestines and decreases physical and mental fatigue.
Arms. In the area of ​​the arms we find 2 pressure points:
NEIGUAN point is very important because it is related to the heart, is located about 2 inches (5 cms) from the wrist and helps improve blood pressure, palpitations etc.
SHOUSANLI point very close to the elbow, in the meridian of acupuncture, is in charge of the large intestine. It´s responsible for harmonizing the Qi of the stomach and intestines and promotes its flow.
FENGLONG point: located between the foot and the knee helps to calm and relax the orifices of the mind (Shen). Your target zone is the chest, helping to improve breathing.
The Nirvana armchair has 8 automatic massage programs and 3 manual massage programs:

Demo: Demonstration of the entire massage function. Recommended to know how the chair works and enjoy a demonstration.
Comfort: The massage chair will give you the experience of a complete massage, from the cervical to the feet.
Relief of pain: Deep massage, at the acupressure points, relaxing the painful area. This massage is recommended for those who want to improve their health.
Relaxation: Ideal massage to relax your muscles, after a hard day of work, an intense sports exercise, acts relaxing the muscles and preparing them for the next day.
Synchronized massage with music: Ideal to disconnect from the daily routine, music allows you to stop thinking and leave your mind blank.
Waist stretch: When the legrest airbags are in operation and squeeze the part of the cufflinks, the backrest is pulled back and the legrest rises, then returns to the original position and so on, thereby relieving the fatigue of the waist and it is improved of possible injuries that are had.
Complete air pressure: The airbags of arms, waist, buttocks, legs, work at the same time, benefiting and relaxing the whole body.
What features stand out from the Nirvana massage chair?

COMPRESSION-AIRBAGS massage system. It has 74 airbags and 3 types of intensity distributed on shoulders (4), back (4), arms (18), hips (12), legs (20) and feet (16).
Magnetic therapy It contains 8 natural energy magnets in the leg area (verified by the national center for quality inspection and supervision of industrial infrared and electrical products).
Massage function of air pressure in the hip. The oscillating movement of the seat relieves buttocks and hips, also helping to eliminate excess fat.
Function of negative oxygen ions. It helps reduce PM 2.5 particles and optimizes the air in the room.
Rest system “Zero Gravity”, through which the most natural position is reached, reducing the pressure on the spine and extremities, achieving a feeling of relaxation and sublime rest.
System of traction in shoulders and back, that contributes to the positioning of the vertebrae.
REFLEXOLOGICAL GUASHA massage system on the soles of the feet.
The main benefits of continued use of the NIRVANA MASSAGE CHAIR are:

Activation of blood circulation
Muscle relaxation
Decreased muscle tension
Relief of muscle pain
Stimulation of metabolism
Relief of fatigue
Help to fall asleep naturally
Help to be in a better mood and active
Technical characteristics:

Width massage area 2,4 – 8,3 inches (6 – 21 cms.) / 5 levels wide
Height. Max. Massage area: 37,4 inches (95 cms)
Measurementes package 1: 30,7 x 33,1 x 72,4 inches (78 x 84 x 184 cms)
Measurements package 2: 25,9 x 12,6 x 41,3 inches (66 x 32 x 105 cms)
Weight: 361,2 lbs. (164 kgs.)

110 -120V – 60Hz
220 – 240 V – 50Hz / 60Hz
Electric consumption: 240W
Noise level: <58 dB


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