Kombat UK Lightweight Unisex Outdoor Paracord Reel available in Olive Green – 100 Metre


About this item Length = 100 meters Width = 3mm Ideal for Bivi’s, Basha’s, camping etc…. Model number: 0609613772436



Product Description The paracord reel is 3mm X100 mand is an essential piece of equipment whether using field craft skills or require a rope for everyday purposes. Ideal to be used when camping to tie bivi poles, bashas, tarpaulin, netting or any other situation that requires a strong, durable lightweight rope. Legal Disclaimer Orders made through Kit Master Supplies are subject to acceptance and availability. Kit Master Supplies may choose at any time to cancel your order. Kit Master Supplies is strictly compliant with the Data Protection Act. All goods sold through this site are sold as ‘novelty goods’. The company of Kit Master Supplies cannot be held responsible for any injury caused by improper use. Goods or packaging of goods may differ slightly to those displayed on the website. Kit Master Supplies will offer a full refund within 14 days. If you wish to exchange the goods ordered for any reason what so ever, you can do so within 30 days of receipt. Faulty or incorrect goods should be reported to Kit Master Supplies. Kit Master Supplies offers a 60 days replacement policy on all faulty products. Please give a full description of the fault and return the item in its original box for a full refund or replacement. Please clean items before returning.


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