Foot Circulation Massager


HIGH QUALITY & SLEEK DESIGN The PureMate Foot Massager silently soothes your tired limbs from a long day of work. Use it for 30 minutes daily & feel the benefits yourself! The sleek and stylish design makes the unit east to store.
99 LEVELS OF INTENSITY & 15 MODES for foot, leg and body comfort. This easy to use massager gives you complete control for your personal needs.
EMS THERAPY is applied to the feet, sending electronic pulses tingling through your feet & legs creating healthier feeling legs. With the extra accessories providing TENS pads and connection wires, this gives you the option to feel the benefits on your body as well as your feet & legs
LIGHTWEIGHT & CONVENIENT The Foot massager is lightweight and portable giving you the option to use it anywhere and time. The convenient and easy to use remote control means you can use the device without compromising on your comfort.
FEATURES: It does come with remote Control and 15 waveforms massage mode to choose 99 intensity levels for two systems; Big LCD display to show the parameter.

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PureMate Electromagnetic Foot Circulation Massager & Body Therapy Machine
Do you suffer from poor circulation? Are your legs slowing you down? Now you can enjoy a comforting therapy to relax and revive your body. The PureMate Foot Massager is high quality with a sleek and attractive design.

Using the PureMate Foot Massager for just 30 minutes per day may help you benefit from tired, aching legs and feet. It is mains operated and comes with a remote control making it so easy to use. The 30 minute auto programme allows you to sit back, relax and let the PureMate Foot Massager go to work while you are reading, watching the TV or simply enjoying a cup of tea.

Each session on your EMS machine lasts 30 minutes and can be carried out from the comfort at your home. You’ll be amazed at the results.

1. Put feet on main panel,

2. Set program and increase intensity level to your level of comfort,

3. Relax, allowing the machine to get to work.


· If you have a pacemaker fitted or a cardiac condition.

· If you are epileptic.

· After recent surgical procedures.

· If you have sensory nerve damage.

· If you suffer with extreme varicose veins.

· Whilst pregnant or immediately after child.

Please always check with your doctor before use.

Box Contains:
1 x PureMate Foot Circulation Massager

1 x AC/DC Adapter

1 x Remote Control

4 x Cable Wire for Electrode Gel pads

4 x Electrode Gel pads

4 x Plastic Gel pads protector

1 x English User Manual

WARNING: Individuals with pacemakers should not use this product.


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