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👍🏼【Massage Chair For Relaxation】 With 3 adjustable massage zones, shiatsu, knocking, knocking, and air compression massage, our NAIPO A150 massage chair can provide a comfortable and relaxing massage experience.
👍🏼【Bionic Massage Program】 Professional massage techniques: Scientific 20-minute timer; The bionic massage rollers can help to relieve the muscle pain and muscle stiffness by stimulating important acupuncture points; Air pressure mode supports a gentle hip extension for better blood circulation.
👍🏼【Ergonomic Design】 Slim and ergonomic L-shaped design can perfectly fit with your body. The massage program control panel is conveniently located on the right side of the chair. The cell phone pocket is on the left side of the chair.
👍🏼【Extra Comfort】The built-in Bluetooth speaker can provide 3D sound effects. The removable pillow and seat cushion can be used to reduce the intensity of the massage. They can also perfectly transform the massage chair into a comfortable armchair when the massage mode is off.
👍🏼【Space-Saving】 With the size of approx. 0.5 m², this massage chair is real space-saving and can fit in almost any room.

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Our massage chair A150 has an ergonomic L-shaped design and a 20-minute scientific timer.

The chair is equipped with 3 massage techniques: knocking, kneading, and air pressure massage.

The 3D built-in Bluetooth speaker: Ensuring a more relaxing massage experience with your favorite music.

The pillow and seat cushion can help to reduce the intensity of the massage and can also help to perfectly transform the massage chair into a comfortable armchair.

Technical Data:

Model: A150︱Color: Black︱Frequency: 50/60 Hz︱Power: 45 W︱Voltage: 220-240 V︱Use time: 20 Minutes duProduct size: 87.4 * 61.55 * 91.5 cm︱Seat width : 40cm ︱Gross / net weight: 32/25 kg


* Please ensure that the delivery address and telephone number are correct.

* The massage chair will be delivered to the roadside. The package weight 32kg, please make sure that at least two adults at home to move the chair.


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