Iron Repair Plus-Heme Iron Supplement, Best Absorption & Gentle on Stomach, Monash Low FODMAP, Raise Hemoglobin & Ferritin Iron Pills for Women, Teens, Pregnancy, Methylated B-12 & Folate 90 Capsules

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  • IRON SUPPLEMENTS WEREN’T DOING US ANY FAVORS – SO WE CREATED ONE THAT WILL: Iron Repair was created by an anemia survivor to help others FIGHT BACK against iron deficiency!
  • REVOLUTIONARY & RE-INVENTED: Iron Repair has 10x the Absorption of traditional iron tablets by harnessing the power of Heme Iron Polypeptide in a strategically formulated dose. Heme iron is clinically proven to offer maximum absorption with low side effects. Gentle on the stomach, Iron Repair is the BEST iron supplement for women, pregnant women, teens
  • THREE MUSKETEERS OF OPTIMAL BLOOD: To create optimal hemoglobin & ferritin our bodies need more than just iron. Iron Repair includes the Blood Builder: Heme Iron, Methylated B-12, & Folate to Create Red Blood Cells.
  • TAKE WITH OR WITHOUT FOOD: Traditional Non-Heme Supplements Must Be Taken on an Empty Stomach to Encourage Absorption (Which Causes Painful Side Effects!) Iron Repair’s Heme Iron Is Absorbed in an Entirely Different Way and Can Be Taken With or Without Food
  • INGREDIENTS YOU CAN FEEL GOOD ABOUT: What we put in our bodies is important, especially when trying to improve our health. Iron Repair’s ingredients are responsibly sourced and don’t include the questionable junk that other supplements choose to use – no artificial colors, fillers, or synthetic excipients


THREE ARROWS IRON REPAIR IS A NATURAL HEME IRON SUPPLEMENT* -Created by iron suplement for anemia- Monsh low Fodmap, raise iron level Iron Pills anemia vitamin Iron Repair: 10X the absorption of traditional iron pills Harnesses the bioavailability of heme iron Natural Iron Tablets Gentle on the Stomach low side effect iron supplement Delayed Release Capsule Includes Methyl B-12 & Folate to Support raise Hemoglobin & raise Ferritin No Fillers or Synthetic Ingredients Best Iron Supplement for Women Best Iron Pills for Pregnancy Iron Vitamin for Anemia Best Natural Iron Supplement Iron supplements for anemia, heirro vitamin for women, best iron for girls, hemoglobin booster, pills for low iron, low side effect iron supplement, no constipation iron supplement, iron deficiency supplement, low iron supplement, raise hemoglobin, natural iron supplement no fillers, anemia supplement for women, anaemia supplement Three Arrows Iron Repair is a Revolutionary Heme Iron Supplement That: Harnesses the BioAvailability of Heme Iron Polypeptide proferrin. Iron Repair Best iron supplement for women, best iron supplement for pregnant women, best iron supplements for anemia, best iron supplement for pregnancy, best iron supplement for FODMAP. Best iron supplement for anaemia. Best iron supplement natural, HIP supplementation has increase iron level with minimal side effects easy on stomach iron. increase hemoglobin increase ferritin raise iron levels* ​Provides Maximum Absorption: Best blood builder for raise iron level, doesn’t require vitamin c vitron c Each dose of Iron Repair is scientifically formulated to provide bioavailable heme iron pills in a strategic dose that does not trigger Hepcidin production. Contains the Most Bio Available Ingredients: Folate & B-12 are essential for healthy red blood cell production. best anemia pills better than vitron c and slow fe I


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