Contact Lens Case 12 Pack – Pink Travel Safe Holder

£20.00 £25.00

  • 12 MONTH SUPPLY of Contact Lens Cases. Bulk pack helps prevent eye infection. Clean & safe to use.
  • PERFECT TRAVEL SIZE – Fits in toiletries bag on the go or leave them for home use. No more dry eyes!
  • TIGHT SCREW LID – No more solution spilling from your contact lens case. No flimsy flip top lids!
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL – One white & one pink cap for easy visibility once lenses are removed.
  • CONTAINER STORAGE – Multi purpose plastic cases. Monthly pill organizer or store essential oils.


12 month supply of quality contact lens cases.One pink cap, one white cap for ease of sight when contacts are taken out. Perfect as a contact lens travel case or contact lens container at home. Contact lens holder includes left and right engravings to never mix up your contact lenses again!. Fits All contact lens sizes, One size fits all contact cases Monthly disposable Lens case to avoid eye infections One time purchase for a years supply of eye contact cases Safe and Easy to Use Contact Container Care: Rinse the contact lens case with fresh solution. Then leave the empty contact case open to air dry. Keep the contact lens case clean and replace monthly.


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