100% Pure Fresh Royal Jelly| vitamin | energy | fertility | memory | immune System | (25 g)

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Pure Royal Jelly certified BIO, thus ensuring that it does not contain pesticides, antibiotics or other chemicals. It is the only product of its kind in Romania packaged in a certified laboratory, in sterile atmosphere, in the absence of oxygen. Only through this dosing process Pure Royal Jelly maintains its composition and therapeutic properties throughout its shelf life, unlike the classic method, where the presence of air in the product container causes the change or loss of essential properties. For added protection against temperature variations, Pure Royal Jelly is placed in an isothermal box, making sure it will reach you in maximum safety. The Royal jelly, one of the most valuable products of the hive, is secreted by the bees’ glands and is especially intended for larvae and queen feeding throughout their lives. This is why the queen lives up to 5 years, while a white-fronted albino lives on average for 40 days. Contains mainly: proteins, sugars, lipids, enzymes, vitamins and mineral salts: K, Ca, Na, Zn, Fe, Cu, Mg and especially potassium. All the amino acids necessary for the human body are found in the mother’s milk, with 29 essential amino acids and derivatives being identified. We also find significant amounts of vitamins in the mature sweetener composition: complex B (especially B1 and B5), C, F, and PP. Mother’s milk is the richest natural product in vitamins / volume unit. recommendations: – liver disease – regardless of origin or stage – as an exceptional hepatic protector and regenerator; – strengthening of the immune system, having tonic and regenerative effect on the body; – periods of acute or chronic fatigue and stress, convalescence; – anemias, general strengthening of the body, including third-age people to slow down degenerative processes specific to age; – skin care, with an exceptional nutritional role, to prevent and reduce fine wrinkles and increase skin elasticity and tonicity;


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